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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alex Jones' strolls in Bohemian Grove

Perhaps the biggest give away of Alex Jones' shilldom are his 'documentaries' on Bohemian Grove. On one hand he tells us that the most influential people in the world meet in secret to manipulate global policy; on the other he claims he strolled into one of their gatherings and made a home video of the event! Does he think we are stupid? What next Alex, tea and biscuits with the Bilderbergers? Not only is he a shill, but he is so arrogant that he can't be bothered to produce a cover story which would be plausible.

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Anonymous said...

True!This was one of the first times I had a feeling he was full of it. He is in fact their historian. He is writing the history of the NWO as he talks trash about it. Little does he know that he is probably on the list of people to get rid of once it all goes down.