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Friday, June 26, 2009

Alex Jones Sabatean Stooge

Alex Jones is a man who claims to be an expert researcher into the machinations of the New World Order. In that case, he should certainly know the significance of the Illuminati hand signal which he is pictured displaying above. The hand signal is a Satanic symbol much beloved of the Sabateans. This is a cult whose members hide behind the lie that they are a harmless branch of the Jewish religion. They are far from harmless. Their cult seeks complete global domination, and the servitude of all non-believers. To this end, they are as much an enemy of the Jews as they are to everyone else. In their political incarnation, they are known as Zionists. Alex Jones knows this, and publicly uses their signs. This is because he is a shill for the Zionists. He is married to a Jewess, and may well have familial links to the Sabateans.

Jones is the master of deception. In his DVD, the Obama Deception, Jones and his Infowars people repeatedly refer to US President Obama as a Nazi! This is absurd. President Obama is a Globalist with no fixed ideology other than Zionism. If any other label can be applied, it it that he is a Communist. Communism as a materialistic dogma was born out of the Illuminati. The Soviet regime in the USSR was in no way Russian - it was manned by heretical Sabatean Jews.

Why does Alex Jones always attack Germany and the National Socialist regime, but never gives the same treatment to the Communist regimes, such as the murderers who controlled and worked with Stalin? Could it be because that would be to attack his paymasters? AJ is a Zionist shill. Tellingly on occasions when callers to his show have quoted the Jewish anti-Zionist writer Benjamin Freedman, Jones has reacted with fury. Why is he so protective of the Sabatean Zionists?

What proof is there of Alex Jones' complicity with the enemy? An obvious example is his oft stated claim that the Illuminati were a Germanic Death Cult. Certainly the organisation was brought into being on German soil, but the simple fact is the leadership were Rabbis. They were Sabatean hiding behind the mask of being radical Jews. In no way were they Germans. Another example is his inane lie that 9/11 was an inside job. It was not; it was a Zionist job, with American accomplices, but with absolute control by the international Zionist cabal. Jonesy focuses attention on the politicians to keep people from seeing the truth - the political enemy is Zionism.

Alex Jones has pushed a lot of useful and important information into the public domain, then by diverting the focus away from the real power behind the crimes of the NWO (9/11, Iraq, Global Warming lie etc), onto politicians (who are really just puppets and have NO real power), he has completely misdirected the Resistance movement which has grown up in response.

Because he keeps attention on elected politicians, and away from the Zionist elite, well meaning people who have been partially awakened to the evils of the world but have fallen prey to Alex Jones' cunning, have become unwitting fighters for the Zionist cause.

The slick and professional presentations of Jones and the Infowars are designed to promote an emotional response in the viewer. Who, aside from an unfeeling psycho/sociopath, would not feel anger when confronted with images of ordinary people (people who could very easily be friends or family) being injured and killed having done nothing to provoke the atrocity unleashed upon them?

Having brought the viewer to an emotionally heightened state, Jones then implants half-truths into their minds. He boosts the role of the puppets to make them appear to be the driving force behind events. By so doing, he creates an army of fans who are blinkered by his rants against Bush, Obama, Rumsfeld etc, and cannot see that the real enemy stays in the shadows where they pull the strings of these visible and disposable figureheads.

Those who feel cosy and satisfied that Alex Jones is leading the Resistance Movement to victory are very much under his spell! He isn't leading anyone anywhere except into the jaws of the enemy. He's providing a service to the enemy by only attacking people who are in positions of visible power to be used as scape goats. Being a fan of AJ helps no-one - it is vital that anyone hoping to help to combat the global menace must do his or her own research and ACT to defeat the enemy. Watching videos, chatting with fellow fans and silencing those whose opinions don't dove-tail our own, makes us safe - a controlled opposition.

Jones has inflicted a great deal of damage on the fledgling 'Truth' Movement. He has castrated it by instilling in a significant number of activist a false sense of loyalty to him personally. This prevents discussion of his faults and his errors (of which there are many). The result is to split the movement into the Jones camp and the free thinkers beyond it. Jones has the resources to draw people into his camp, and to motivate thenm to focus their attentions not on the real enemy, but on those of us who can see through his lies. This is catastrophic for the defenders of freedom and is orchestrated to aid the Globalists.

Attacking the Jews per se is a reaction of many when they come across the machinations of the Zionist mafia. This is itself a skillful ploy to weaken the opposition. There are many Jews who reject the religion of the modern day Pharisees. Of those who still believe the 'Jews are Chosen' malarky, many are sepraticts who have no desire to achieve global domination. There are Jews who oppose Zionism, there are Torah Jews who reject the whole racist supremacism of the Talmud. Likewise a great many Zionists are Goy opportunists who can see the power of the bankers, media, corporations etc that are ALL manipulated by the Globalist-Zionist leadership, and accordingly join them in order to share in the spoils of victory.

9/11 was committed with much non-Jewish co-operation, however, it was a Zionist-led operation, with Jews overseeing the task, and Gentiles doing the leg work. The 'Jewish Question' is another method for diverting attention onto visible opponents. The Sabatean Jews hide behind the many non-Sabateans who share the Jewish label. Thene there is the Ashkenazi question (which is dealt with elsewhere).

It is stated that Jones doesn't discuss Zionism or he'd end up dead. Agreed. Think on that. He can discuss the Vatican, Masons, Bilderbergers etc and no significant harm comes his way. But if he tells the truth about the Zionist agenda, then he will be killed - just as real hero William Cooper was.

Jonesists claim that openly discussing 'verboten' matters turns people off. This is interesting in that it suggests that people steer clear of matters which are controversial. This is to follow the politically correct path which argues that the only acceptable opinion is the one which embraces that Man-made Global Warming is real, that there were 'gas chambers' in Auschwitz, that the Germans are behind everything, and other such nonsense, in order to keep people sweet. Why not throw in the ridiculous idea that freedom and victory is attainable through the ballot box? Jones had a campaign to raise money to help Ron Paul fight to become President of the USA, so that lunacy has indeed been pushed!

The Zionist movement has a very tenuous grip on the power it holds. Were it not for the greed of unscrupulous money-grabbers and power-hungry egomaniacs, they would be finished. They maintain power by imposing harsh punishments on all who attempt to expose them. For example, Horst Mahler who was incarcerated for what amounts to a life sentence for questioning the Holocaust, which is the Ashkenazi-Zionist-Sabatean justification for the occupation of Palestine.

Zionism is just another label. The figures behind this grab for a One World Government go back into antiquity. Anti-Semitism is one of the weapons they have used to corale the Jewish people into Israel. Adolf Hitler was part Jewish and served the agenda well by creating a fear within the Jewish nation against Gentiles. Had the NSDAP not fallen into the Zionist trap, the assimilation of the Jews would have continued and the grip of the Rabbinical leaders would have collapsed. Organised Jewry needs anti-Semitism in order to survive.

The notion that Zionism is harmless and Zionists 'don't run anything' is ludicrous. Zionism is one of the most dangerous ideologies the world has ever suffered. The Slave Trade, for example, was overwhelmingly controlled by Jews. The justification for owning Black people as Slaves was wholly Talmudic - the story of Noah cursing Ham so he and all his descendants had kinky hair, big lips, red eyes, black skin, and a enlarged sexual organs, if it came from any other source than the Talmud, would be classed as hate literature, and extreme punishment would be meted out on those who repeated it. But, no, as the basis of Zionism is the Talmud, and the foundations of the entire NWO rest upon it, then it is those who expose this evil creed who are punished as 'anti-Semites'.

Another example of practical Zionism was the manipulation of the Nazi Party in order to detain Jews and make them suffer, bolstered by the lie of the Holocaust, which has been used to elevate the Jews to a position of angels amongst men, which in combination led to the establishment of Israel and the real genocide of the Palestinians (who actually are Semites).

The Neo-Cons are extreme War-mongers, which all 9/11 Truthers should fully appreciate - the massacre at the WTC was the Israeli orchestrated excuse for this agenda. The dead and maimed in New York, Afghanistan, Palestine, South Ossetia, Lebanon, Bosnia, Sudan, Panama, and too many other countries to mention, were targeted by Zionists, with the goal being to destabilise entire regions to pave the way for the Global State.

The objective of Zionism is the New World Order - the prison planet Alex Jones speaks of. Alex Jones denies all this, and even promotes the 6 million dead Jews lie. With the research resources Jones has at his fingertips, he cannot be unaware of the truth. He hides it and pushes decent people down a blind alley of lies and fear. The infowars resistance consists of confronting politicians (puppets) and watching DVDs. The Zionists who are steadily creating the New World Order have many reasons to thank Alex Jones. He is their puppy, bought and paid for...

For videos of Alex Jones defending Zionism, and attacking those who would expose it, visit: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4880104/Bermas__amp__Alex_Jones_Respond_To_The_Jewish_Controversy

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