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Monday, June 22, 2009

Alex Judas sell out his supporters

In an article on the infowars site, the truth slips out about who is behind the NWO. The article describes how the Junker class built up the Nazis in order to create the opportunity for a Second World War and then used their power in the Army to sabotage the German war effort in order to usher in the New World Order from the ashes of the vanquished European nations?

How does this square with your Jonesy's statements that everything evil is the fault of the Nazis? It doesn't. The Nazis were manipulated by the Junkers in order to create a 'problem' which their Illuminati brethren could then 'react' to with War, leading to the 'solution' of the European Union under the control of the Bankers.

You've slipped up here Alex Judas, and admitted what those who don't wear the blinkers of AJ worship already know. The Monarchies are related by blood to the Rothschilds and are a part of the Global Illuminati family, which expresses itself politically as Zionism.

Thus you have for once told the truth - its not the Nazis who are behind the NWO, but those who they fought and who used and destroyed them - the Zionist mafia of Organised Jewry.

In response to the devotees of Alex the Judas who cannot bear to see their hero questioned, or to see Hitler as anything but the Devil himself, I write the following:

Alex Jones blames the visible puppets for the crimes of the hidden elite. He claims George Bush and his coterie committed the 9/11 massacre, but shys away from the involvement of MOSSAD. He makes the foolish statement that the PNAC were working to build an American Empire, whilst refusing to acknowledge that PNAC is Zionist through and through.

Similarly, Jones points to the Nazi regime as a German monster. He states that Prescott Bush funded the Nazis, but fails to pass on the information that Bush was merely a go between channeling money from the Warburgs/Rothschilds etc to the Nazis. Who were these bankers? Zionist Ashkenazim.

Obama, Bush, Hitler - puppets to a man. The real power is in the shadows.

Jones lies about the Illuminati. He makes the absurd statement that Adam Weishaupt was a German, and that the Illuminati was formed as a Germanic Death Cult. The Illuminati under Weishaupt plotted on Bavarian soil, but it was not German. Weishaupt was the son of a Rabbi.

At every turn, Jones hides the domination of the Ashkenazim. In the Second World War, the real Jews - the Sephardim - were butchered by people acting under the control of the Ashkenazim. Jones doesn't even differentiate between the Sephardim and the sick anti-humans who took over Palestine and now falsely call themselves Jews.

Jones works for the Ashkenazi agenda. He is a Zionist apologist. He consistently attacks the puppets put in place by Organised Jewry, but never attacks the hidden power itself.

Precisely because the Nazi movement was used as a tool to further Ashkenazi racism, to destroy Jews and Gentiles alike - precisely because Hitler was a patsy of the same ilk as Bush - the vicious evil Ashkenazi Zionist mafia must be exposed. Otherwise they cannot be stopped.

Jones has his infowarriors fighting shadows. The Nazis were a tool - the Zionist power used them to weaken Europe to pave the way for the Global Superstate. Without Zionist stooges such as Hitler, Stalin and Churchill, Europe would have remained a collection of strong free nations. Now the EU is a Zionist bloc which serves the Zionist will - exactly as planned by those who set up the Nazi regime and those who fought them.

Jones has proven his loyalties by consistently misleading the opposition. He is a Zionist stooge and an enemy of all who seek freedom. He must be exposed.

There is a great deal of unhealthy idolatry from Jones' supporters. He is a liar. No one could have carried out the Bohemian Grove infiltration in the way he did unless invited to do so. If he was a real threat he would be dead, or at least incarcerated on some trumped up charge - not getting fatter and richer selling his lies to people desperate to escape the coming 'prison planet'. He is a willing tool of our enemies, herding those who know something is wrong down a safe path of pointless resistance, opposing false and irrelevant enemies.

Hitler is dead. The Nazi movement is a fact of history. The real power continues through the Rothschilds and the Ashkenazi monarchs and aristocrats. Jones knows this but hides it - because he is one of their lackies. Wake up Infowarriors - your hero is an infiltrator placed in the movement to control you and mislead you so his paymasters can realise their goals unhindered.

Look at how Socialinfowars.com mysteriously ground to a halt and then folded when those of us who could see what Jones was doing began to make an impact. That couldn't be tolerated. Jones is a serious part of the problem and will remain so as long as decent people refuse to examine the reality of his message.

Opposing Zionism isn't anti-Semitic. Zionism is an Ashkenazi phenomenon. Ironically, those who suffer at the hands of the Ashkenazim include the Sephardim - the real Jews. Jones is a liar and a swindler and a Zionist asset. Do your own research. Then join with those of us who have awoken to the big lie and expose Jones and his collaborators.