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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jones the False Leader is supported by willing fools

For any newbies who read this, congratulations, you have broken free of the establishment mindset, but beware, they have a trap for you. To halt your progress the elite have created a fake resistance, led by lackies of the establishment who will take your hard earned money and feed you lies in return. They will divert your actions away from useful activities which could raise awareness of the internationalist agenda (in order to gain recruits to combat it), into cyber battles which serve no useful function. You will be fleeced by unscrupulous stooges who will sell you dvds and leave you with a warm feeling that you are doing something - whilst all you are doing is wasting time in front of the TV watching their propaganda.

Should you rock the boat and point out that the Messiah of the Movement is a plant, put there to contain opposition and neutralise it, you will be subjected to hysterical abuse and labelled an agent of the state.

Don't let this get you down. There will always be flat earthers who refuse to believe their priests could be wrong, let alone that they could be deliberately leading them to the slaughter. Take heart that you are not alone, and that you don't need any leaders - you are capable of reaching people yourself, and awakening them to the truth.

Those who want to be cyber heroes and play 'follow the leader' are best ignored as evidenced by their resorting to personal abuse and unsubstantiated attacks. We have a future for our families to save. Don't waste your energies trying to awaken those who are cosy in their delusions, for as the saying goes:

'There are none so blind as those who will not see'

You stepped off the false path when you began questioning the world as it is presented. Do not get pulled back onto the path of lies by falling for the tailor-made resistance which the hidden elite have created to stifle any threats to their power base.

You can begin by finding out more about the shills who have been put in place to lead the 'Truth Movement'. I wish you well in uncovering the real truth and opening your mind to the prepared lies the establishment have manufactured for you. A good a place as any would be to look at the following links:



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