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Monday, June 22, 2009

Was Jones compromised or always a shill?

It has been claimed that about 80% of the Ashkenazim in the world lived on German soil. This is very interesting and explains why most of the false Jews one comes across have German names (Stein, Mann, Blum, Sachs etc). If the Nazis really had liquidated the Jews in the Second World war, then the Germanic names would have died with them and only be used by Germans. This is not the case, and points to the lie of the 6 million.

The Nazi regime was used to establish Israel. It was funded by Ashkenazi bankers and many leading officials and high ranking officers in the armed forces were Ashkenazim. The Holocaust was a propaganda piece used retrospectively to justify the destruction of Europe - this in much the same way as the Slavery issue was used to justify the brutality of the Northern States against the Confederacy States of America. Incidentally, most of the slave owners were in fact Ashkenazim, yet once again Europeans were (and continue to be) libelled.

Alex Jones produced the excellent 'Wake up or Waco' which documented the FBI murders and the subsequent rebuilding of the Church. I held the man in high esteem for his commitment to ordinary people and his willingness to get stuck in and get his hands dirty. Over time, his films got slicker and the politician bashing got under way - blaming everything on the visible puppets. Does anyone seriously believe George W Bush could have masterminded the World Trade Centre atrocity - using his family to bypass security measures so bombs could be planted, and organising for NORAD to stand down and allow the attacks to occur? This is what Jones would have us believe.

Jones' films have over the years become more sensationalist. Fair enough dry facts are not attention grabbing (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports is as dull as is imaginable), so I understand why he needs to keep things fast-paced. In the TV age it is a lamentable fact that information has to be transmitted in an entertaining manner.

What doe irk is the way that Jones has mixed lies into his films and websites. I have argued before that he should be exposing the interwoven Zionist networks - the Rothschilds, the European Monarchies, Illuminised Freemasonry, the Papacy after the Vatican II, AIPAC etc. To some extent he has touched upon certain aspects of these networks, but he hasn't 'joined the dots' to show that there is a unity of purpose and a definite shadow organisation pulling all the strings. Instead he attack politicians and known figures. It could be argued that to delve too deeply would incur serious, probably fatal consequences. I accept this. However, rather than exposing the apparently disconnected facets of the conspiracy and allowing people to do the work themselves in order to see who is behind the emerging global slave state, Jones throws in the red herring of the Nazis, the Holyhoax, and worst of all the notion that elected politicians have power and that removing the puppets removes the string pullers.

The 'Ron Paul for President' campaign gave people the false hope that they could elect an honest man and cure all the ills of the USA in one fell swoop. The establishment control the elections. All the campaign achieved was to fleece followers of Jones and gain information for the Security Services as to who was involved in the Resistance. If the FEMA camps Jones speaks of start being filled, the people he enticed to back Ron Paul will be high on the list.

Were Jones to stop short of the Ashkenazi issue for his own safety, that would be understandable. However, he deliberately and willingly throws lies into the mix. He directs the opposition to attack long dead Nazis, even though his own research cannot have failed to awaken him to the fact that the NSDAP was manipulated by the Ashkenazi elite, and used as a vehicle to destroy the social cohesion of Europe. He claims the rabbinical Illuminati is German - by this logic the Bilderbergers must be Dutch for having first met in the Netherlands! He mentions false flags but unquestioningly shows images of dead bodies in Auschwitz which have been 'enhanced' by the propagandists of the establishment, and present victims of allied bombing as victims of German genocide. This is reprehensible.

I suspect that somewhere along the way, Jones has been compromised - maybe threatened with having his family hurt, maybe blackmailed for some indiscretion or foible he has managed to keep secret. Look at his films over the years - the biggest smoking gun is the Bohemian Grove farce. He has become a mouthpiece of the Ashkenazim - pushing the propaganda that the 'evil Nazis' are responsible for all the woes of the world. He cites Operation Paperclip as proof that the USA was taken over by the SS because the US Government had the sense to take the top NSDAP scientists into America to advance their own military and technical abilities. That isn't sinister - it is logical.

Jones has made too many 'mistakes' which let the Ashkenazim off the hook and divert anger on to the German State of 1939-45. He has done so well pushing this emotional smokescreen that his supporters rail against anyone who opposes him as a 'nazi', 'Cointelpro', etc. This way the messenger is attacked and the message is silenced in the pro-Jones camp. Jones serves the agenda well. His 'money bomb' gets people to raise money which could be used in potentially effective localised campaigns, and to send it to him so he can create more misleading propaganda which by the very fact of fighting puppets and shadows leave the puppet masters unscathed and actually serves their agenda.

I repeat, Alex Jones either has always been one of 'them' or he has been turned. Either way he cannot be trusted. Take what you will of his information (which contains much truth amidst the lies), but don't trust the man. He is a false messiah, leading his followers wherever his handlers wish. His followers act as would cult members following their spiritual leader - this is unhealthy in itself. Extreme caution is advised in dealing with this dangerous individual.