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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Alex Jones: "The Arabs control Hollywood" & "Majority of World Stock Markets are owned by Arabs"


Jones is essentially claiming that Saudis/Arabs "own everything" and are the ones running the NWO agenda. He says that the Saudis want to "destroy their neighbors" (ie, thus the war against Iraq, possibly Iran).

Granted, there is speculation that the Saudi Royal family are secretly jewish, but Jones isn't pushing this from that angle.


ALEX JONES: "The country 20 years ago passed the line of being more foreign-owned than owned by Americans. Well now there's almost nothing American. All these companies got no-bid contracts, cause they're American. Like Halliburton and the rest of em that have moved to Dubai, or moved to Saudi Arabia. It's gone. Most of the movie-theater chains, Hollywood is owned by the Arabs...uh, and the Israelis for some reason. But the actual financing, I've looked into it, is mainly Saudi...and Jordanian...and folks from Dubai, and Qatar, and a few other places. And then British, of course. And what was left was defense industries and stock markets.

And I knew the Arabs owned the majority of some stock markets, but I was reading the Financial Times of London and learned that the majority of world stock markets are now owned by the Arabs. HAHAHAHA!! That is the ma...but as if it wasn't enough that two Middle-Eastern countries own 49% of the London Stock Exchange, now they're about to bid and own the majority. And that's just two countries. I mean, you add them all together, uhh, the Arabs own it almost outright...70 plus percent. And same thing with Dow Jones, because Arabs own FOX. You see, you didn't know that did you? You didn't know that Arabs....you see, Murdoch's only got a minority stock now. But the way the agreements were set, he still has Board control. But, uhh, Saudis own more than he does. But there's one Saudi with 14%...last year, uhh, but I mean so the point is they just own everything. I mean, they control the whole deal. Now it's defense stocks, though. And they're gonna destroy their neighbors. I mean, you think Israel hates the Iranians. Oh, nothing like the Wahhabist Saudis. They hate those Shi'ites so much..."

Notice how Jones busts out laughing right after he states "the majority of world stock markets are now owned by the Arabs". It's so ridiculous and laughable, he can't contain himself.

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