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Monday, February 15, 2010

Alex Jones Crashes Austin Pro-Gun Rally, Then Lies About It On His Show

Transcript of audio from Alex Jones radio show, 1/27/2010:

ALEX JONES: "I really appreciate Darwin Beddicker. I really twisted his arm to come to the protest on Monday, to get him up here from San Antonio. And he wanted me on air right now to thank all my listeners that came out to that event and made it such a success.

They're not gonna stop. They think this their town. They think the people of Austin belong to them. That is the City Council, the ATF, and the Police Leadership. The average cop out there is disgusted by this. The reason I know is my Dad came to the protest, and I didn't notice him, because the whole time I was there I had like COINTELPRO poking me and getting in my face. And I sure some of them were because later I found out about a meeting afterwards with some people we know are connected to some operations -- about how they want to get me, and go after me. It's a whole other subject, but it borders on illegal. But, uh, luckily we had people inside who found out about that, and called me about it. But separate issue. Any time you come out for the Second Amendment, you're gonna have disrupters who are gonna try to spin things and do that. But they failed miserably."

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