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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alex Jones exposed on air

The tide seems to be turning for Alex Jones Super-Shill. His increasingly erratic behaviour, (such as disrupting patriotic gatherings, rallies in support of the right to self defence through gun ownership, peaceful tea parties which refuse to fall into the left-right trap, etc), all point to the fact that there is a growing momentum in the 'truth' movement which, even with the backing of his Zionist masters, Jones the fake patriot cannot withstand.

Perhaps his dismal attempt to become a star of stand-up comedy is indicative of Jones' egomania. The man is a publicity-seeking shill who has a made a living from promoting fear in the minds of the people who have awoken to the reality that the Establishment are not the upholders of society, morality and decency they would like us to believe. He is a danger to those who seek to deny the Zionist beasts the fulfillment of their Protocols - this is evident by his shameful betrayal of the Gray family (see here). Now he seems to be on the ropes, is the time to make sure he is exposed once and for all so he may never be allowed to misdirect the healthy Resistance against those who seek to own us like the cattle they believe we are. And - more importantly - we must not allow ourselves to be deceived by the next shill the Zionists send to lead us.

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