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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Interesting Forum Discussion - AJ is Israel!

Alex Jones seems to be getting a beating across the internet. On the Topix Forum (here), the FACTS of his silence over the Israeli control over the uprisings in North Africa (which could have effected a change if left to the people), and his wife's links to the MOSSAD are openly discussed. The days of Jones being left to spread his disinfo in peace are over!

On the 12.160 site (here), Alex Jones has always been somewhat of a messiah to the sheeple. The creators of this blog have done battle on 12.160 with rabid Jones' loyalists, and indeed on Jones' own Social Infowars. The result of the latter was that the defender of democracy closed the site to prevent our small band of dissidents from challenging his lies! Not only is he a shill, he is a despot too.

The cracks are there for all to see. Let his reign of lies come to an end!

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Anonymous said...

Ten years after 911, seeking the truth I finally read most of Bollyn's book "Solving 911" into the night and morning. It is riveting, investigative journalism - I concluded throughout the read, "How could I ever have believed inforwars' lies about 'inside job' while they obviously and with deliberate intent and forethought, made no case against Mossad/CIA or Mossad terrorism internationally. I've been duped!! In fact, while reading Bollyn's book online, I had AJ on in the background combting a female caller who was defending the decent reputation of peaceful Muslims! With Bollyn's research revealing the Zionist control and infiltration into our federal government down to and probably most importantly, the cover up of the forensic evidence of tons of steel from the twin towers being swiftly shipped off to N.J. and then Asia...after a 24 million dollar project to dredge the channel in NJ to accomodate the barges leaving NY, to the security company which controls Port Authority, it is impossible to dismiss the great deception of 911 and its aftermath over the American people. Infowars & Co. will be exposed as more educated Americans wake up to the media hype and legal stranglehold preventing the families of 911's dead to plead their cases in court.
I think the most plausible motive for CIA/Mossad complicity in the planning and execution of the 911 attacks was and is the pipeline for Israeli gas to India and China; not to mention drug cartel profits. The only TV show ever to use Mossad characters was NCIS. 'Always on buddy terms with top officials. Evil is always in men of high places. I am resolved they will have their days in the high courts of heaven as they face the rightous Judge, God Himself.