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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alex Jones' strolls in Bohemian Grove

Perhaps the biggest give away of Alex Jones' shilldom are his 'documentaries' on Bohemian Grove. On one hand he tells us that the most influential people in the world meet in secret to manipulate global policy; on the other he claims he strolled into one of their gatherings and made a home video of the event! Does he think we are stupid? What next Alex, tea and biscuits with the Bilderbergers? Not only is he a shill, but he is so arrogant that he can't be bothered to produce a cover story which would be plausible.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Interesting Forum Discussion - AJ is Israel!

Alex Jones seems to be getting a beating across the internet. On the Topix Forum (here), the FACTS of his silence over the Israeli control over the uprisings in North Africa (which could have effected a change if left to the people), and his wife's links to the MOSSAD are openly discussed. The days of Jones being left to spread his disinfo in peace are over!

On the 12.160 site (here), Alex Jones has always been somewhat of a messiah to the sheeple. The creators of this blog have done battle on 12.160 with rabid Jones' loyalists, and indeed on Jones' own Social Infowars. The result of the latter was that the defender of democracy closed the site to prevent our small band of dissidents from challenging his lies! Not only is he a shill, he is a despot too.

The cracks are there for all to see. Let his reign of lies come to an end!

The ADL goes soft on Alex Jones - why?

THE ANTI DEFAMATION LEAGUE’S RECENT ‘BLAST’ at radio conspiracy ‘patriot’ maven, Alex Jones, appears to be more - AND less - than it seems upon closer examination and rational consideration.

That world Zionism is the center of evil on the planet is beyond any rational dispute. From AIPAC and the ADL to the bogus Southern Poverty Law Center to B’nai B’rith, Zionism is the most ruthless geopolitical (thermonuclear Israel), financial and political force in the United States…and much of the world.

Even a rudimentary understanding of the Wall Street bankster machine, and the beyond corrupt Federal Reserve, reveals the overwhelming power of Zionism which ultimately traces back to the City of London banking center, and the Rothschilds. As David Icke succinctly puts it, “Zionism is the Elephant in the Controllers’ Board Room” that only Zionist deniers, de facto agents and Zionist apologists pretend isn’t there and won’t mention.

This is where the arch shill Jones comes in. See full article, HERE.

Videos exposing Alex Jones

For videos exposing Alex Jones, visit the new 'videos' page above. Anyone who has more videos on this shill please get in touch. There are sadly many people who still believe this dis-info warrior. If he only spread lies that wouldn't be a problem, but he mixes truth and lies, which debilitates the ability of the confused resister to fight an honest and informed battle. Let's stop this shill!