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Friday, November 18, 2011

Alex Jones And The Jewish Supremacists

Much as it pains us to admit this, Alex Jones' systematic and relentless refusal to discuss, let alone analyze, the subterfuges of the Jewish supremacists cannot be explained away by mere mental confusion on his part. Time and time again he expertly deflects his readers' attention away from these ultimate human enemies of mankind and turns it instead towards nebulous entities and abstractions like The New World Order, the Elite, or the Luciferian Controllers. Or else towards Khazar puppets like Cheney, Bush, and the ZOG called the US government. (This is even more true with the Obama administration).

As Daryl Bradford Smith so persuasively reveals in this article, Jones is ever on the alert for the slightest  criticism of the so-called Jews and simply will not tolerate such. It is a Rubicon he will not cross. His editorial policy absolutely forbids it. Smith also reveals that Jones has a Jewish wife, Violet, and informs us that his two young English associates, the Watson brothers, are rumoured to be of Jewish extraction. This would go far to explaining his evident sympathies.

Does Smith overstate his case? Possibly, and perhaps most notably when he accuses Jones of running a  “terror cell” in Austin, Texas. But parascending from such rhetorical flourishes, we must all ask ourselves this simple question: If the maxim know thine enemy is an indispensable prescription for success in war, is Jones, despite his many obvious merits, really helping us to win it? Is victory likely to be ours if we systematically aim at the wrong target?

Even a passive apologist for Jewish supremacism can be supremely dangerous when so much is at stake.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Free Speech Forum - All Welcome

This blog is dedicated to exposing the shill, Alex Jones.  The creators of the blog met on the Social Infowars forum.  The forum had the potential to be a vehicle for mutual help and education, but the shill Jones wanted it to enhance his ego, and to spread his disinfo.  When this was threatened he 'pulled' the forum.

In the interest of opening up debate, we now have a forum which is totally uncensored, and open for everyone to use.  We invite everyone to join us.  Discussion is open for all issues which are of importance to you.  If you wish to discuss Alex Jones, then it is a great place to do so.  However, the forum is open to discuss anything and everything.  That may be Economics, Spiritual and Esoteric matters, Politics, History, Authority, or whatever you wish to discuss.  If you wish to write about cultural matters or whatever is important top you, this is your place.  Entertainment and inspiration are an important part of life.  The forum doesn't have to be a place for sterile conventional debate - far from it.  We look forward to debating with you and sharing information/ideas.