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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alex Jones, NWO Crypto Shill

by Catweasel.

I was recently watching Alex Jones' film, 'End Game'. It was ok till we got to the Halocaust, with the fable of the Millions who were killed in the Nazi Concentration Camps.  I know that the 6 million story is a Lie.  It is a very important Lie to ensure the Establishment and Continuance of the Bastard State of Israel: The Whipping Boy and Protégé for Political Correctness.  And a Man of Jones supposed intellect and standing must also know it to be a Lie.  A mere Fragment of history (and one created solely for propaganda purposes). Why Mention it? 

Obviously to appease his Zionist Handlers. 

This turns me right off Jones. If he can produce propaganda material which is tantamount to a Lie to Circumvent and Manipulate the Truth about the Halocaust, then what else does he Lie or Manipulate to us, giving us a Distorted Vision when it suits him? 

Look at the name of his website - 'Prison Planet' - We're Half Way there. This is Psychological Conditioning; a Sub-Liminal Defeatist Message to instruct you to accept that you have been Captivated. The major problem here is at the same time as we are fighting for our very survival, we need to keep an Eye on Pricks like this. 

Jones purports to Obstruct and oppose the NWO Agenda - While at the same Time helping to sell it. Jones also seeks to keep his Audience in a Perpetual State of Distraction; in Anticipation and anxiety of Future Events, or Events that are Rooted in the Past. Which when we look at it, is his Primary Role and Objective. Alex Jones' goal is to deflect attention away from the NWO Agenda. By Denying them their Identity; By Injecting Himself into the Crime Scene - Like a serial killer of a different Type - To Maintain a Mask of Obfuscation and Defeat; Projecting to Maintain the Illusion, And to Create a  Diversion... Through all this, he Drip feeds the Truth in small doses in a Latent attempt to to conjure up an Image of Authority and Understanding, and worse still, an impression of Trust and Confidence. 

When all the glossy veneer is removed, all that is left in place of Alex Jones' mask of trustworthiness and knowledge, is in fact his Inadequacies, Rhetoric and Lack of Understanding, which is Magnified, Personified, And Transferred to You - With no answers.

Jones' method is a Subtle form of Mind Control, to be implanted in your Subconscious, that give no answers - Only a Craving for Future Events Or Perplexing the Past with a View to such.

Jones is Married to a Jew, and I suspect he is a Crypto Jew. He is a Shill and appears to have Powerful Backers.  Jones may well be but another Jewish Proxy Innocent of the Truth, and I for one, don't Trust him.

Alex Jones' Prison Planet and Infowars operation is all too big and too Flashy; Too Polished.  It is all about Control.   Maintaining the Holocaust fraud is key in the Jewish conspiracy for world domination, as it acts to protect the Jews as a group from opposition, and demonizes the ideal of white nationalism (the key opposition to the Jewish agenda) in general by association with the mythical "monstrous evil" of the Nazis............... 

 'The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can deliver you to your ultimate enemy--Satan.' 

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