Welcome to the blog which exposes Alex Jones and other shills who seek to keep us trapped in the global gulag, whilst purporting to be on the side of freedom.

Comments for this blog are no longer accepted. This is because we now have a forum (at the link below, and here) where everyone is welcome to come and share ideas. This is a total free Speech zone, and is not restricted to discussions about Alex Jones etc. Come and join us. We look forward to debating with you and sharing knowledge.


Alex Jones has hoodwinked too many people with his mixture of truth and lies.  If he was an outright liar that wouldn't be such a problem.  However, the fact that he leads people down blind alleys and tricks them into defending their oppressors is cause for alarm.  The man is dangerous.  Thankfully, there is an activist base which has awoken to the Pied Piper of Texas, and which utilises his own weaponry against him.  The king of video dis-info has reached a significant audience due to the use of the video medium - some people do not have the time to do their own research but know that all is not right in the world.  Establishment gatekeeper, Alex Jones, has swept these people into his net.  We can help to undermine his treachery using the same medium.  To this end youtube is a good starting point.  The following youtube channels have information exposing Alex Jones.  Help in this fight by spreading the information - and by posting videos yourself.  We need a network of real information to counter his dis-information.  Join the fight!